Against the background of demographic change and an aging population, medical technology is one of the particularly dynamic medical branches. Medical devices are becoming increasingly more functional and individual. Safe materials are required for their production that can meet the stringent manufacturing requirements. In the Medical sector, EuropTec has specialised in the development and production of high-quality components and packaging that are used everywhere in medical technology. Areas of use include diagnostics, dialysis, endoscopy, surgery and also dental medicine, pharmaceuticals as well as laboratory technology and analytics. We work in compliance with the internationally valid medical technology standard ISO 13485.


In the age of Industry 4.0 the processes used in production are increasingly smart and complex. For the production of components this requires a particularly high degree of expertise, flexibility and quality. For decades, EuropTec has been seen as a competent partner for the development and manufacture of customer specific products for the most diverse of industrial sectors. Our customised solutions are used in engineering, the semiconductor industry and in energy and sensor technology, for example.